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     If I can, I will post a video or an explanation for questions on "how to", or things I've wanted to know and had to figure out myself and think others may benefit... Most videos will start on YouTube then I'll put 'em here...  Ask in the comments here or contact me or Google+ (may not be right away, I'm still learning the ever changing e-world)...

Here's the Hayward C900 pool filter removal (make sure it's shut off 1st!!) and cleaning..

After mentioning an algae bloom, it happened soon after; it rained for a few days and everything from outside and the plants ran right into the pool. We moved in the house last year - November 2014 and items been trial and error with everything especially the pool. The dreaded algae bloom would never leave or always come back, finally I found a way. Shock with a gallon of pool bleach, vacuum the entire underwater liner/surface instead of just brushing and leaving all that algae crap in there while cleaning the filter a few times during the vacuum process, then adding the pound of Clorox Pool and Spa Extra Blue with Algae Killing Crystals. Removing a good amount of algae with shock  (liquid pool bleach) and then that Clorox stuff works well. Having the pump /filter on all night riffs the pool of the dreaded algae bloom and it's usually nice and clear blue. Before it just kept coming back or never left.

The day after battling my green pool full of dressed algae bloom, we have a nice blue clear pool despite the continuous rain. Very important to clean filter after letting your pool run overnight; there's probably a lot of dead algae in there and will make your pump work harder. . Hope you had same results, visit my site or explore my channel  and check out the different playlists. . Thanks