Saturday, June 27, 2015

First blog for Super Daves World, introducing our 2 furry friends Zirky and Annie (brother and sister)...

Hello there! This is my first blog for SuperDavesWorld so I'd like to show you a cool and funny video of my good pal Zirky we play this game - mouser with his favorite play toy mouse; Mousey Mouser...Zirky even brings the mouse back when Mousey Mouser falls off... him is good mouser... Just below Annie's video shows off her Mouser skills that rival her brother's ... enjoy! !
Annie wanted to show off her Mouser abilities so everyone knows she can "get that Mouser" too... Annie fetches just as well as Zirky... Her is good Mouser!!!

This is Zirky and Annie; brother and sister... they were born around the beginning of July 2012 (vet's estimate) so we celebrate their burfday on the 4th of July... very cool cats indeed...  \(^&^ )/